Food components are not just fuel for our body. They also function as regulatory molecules in a vast range of biological processes. This is particularly the case of micronutrients, those molecules (vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements, phytonutrients, essential amino acids and fatty acids) that the body needs in small amounts but which are essential for maintaining and regulating the good functioning and health of the organism. Therefore, they must be acquired via the consumption of healthy and diversified foods.

When dietary supply of micronutrients does not match with the requirements, food supplementation becomes necessary. And precisely, micronutrition has to do with providing your body with these small food ingredients that really do matter.

However ingredients alone do not make the recipe. It’s the art of combining them in the right proportions and manner that defines the amplitude of their beneficial effects on health. Thus combinatorial micronutrition is a strategic diet supplementation approach relying on the synergistic action that arises from the combination of food ingredients. Thus, in combinatorial nutrition, 1+1 equals in more than 2!

Combined ingredients are mixtures of active natural molecules with very low dose effects when taken in isolation, but cumulating to a substantial collective effect, which is more valuable than the sum of all individual effects. Due to the low dosage of each ingredient (usually much lower that the maximum legally authorized doses), combinatorial micronutritional preparations are exempt of any toxicity or side effect.

Combinatorial micronutrition is the food supplement strategy chosen by SNG in the development of its Active Nutrigenomic Ingredients (ANIs). Its scientific research has proven that SNG ANIs work at the level of gene transcription leading to the up or down regulation of the functioning of certain genes in charge of various metabolic functions such as lipid metabolism, immune system functioning, bone metabolism and sleep patterns.