The government of the Canton of Vaud, in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland is implementing an economic mission in Singapore, under the lead of Minister of Economy and Sport Mr. Philippe Leuba.

In the frame of this mission, an event called Innovation Day is going to take place on October 1st in Singapore, for which SNG has been selected as an example of Swiss-based company well implanted in the Canton of Vaud, with developing activities in Singapore.

At this special occasion, SNG’ CSO Prof Walter Wahli, as a renown professor at both the Center for Integrative Genomics of the University of Lausanne and The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine in Singapore (LKC Medicine), will make a intervention within the seminar entitled Business opportunities in Canton of Vaud, to be held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Angsana Room, Level 3. In his talk on the fast growing crossroads between nutrition and biotechnology in the Canton of Vaud, he will present SNG’ activities in Nutritional Genomics.

This event will gather representatives from all board: innovating companies active in various sectors such as medtech, ICT and microtechnology, academic and research institutes of international reputation, science and technology parks hosting more that 300 companies, economic associations representing more that 5’000 companies, as well as government and economic promotion agencies.